The Paracchini-Lernkvist Family

Since 2012, the hotel has been managed by the Paracchini-Lernkvist family, a hotel hospitality institution in the City of Flowers, which boasts a century-old tradition in the hotel sector. Maria and Matteo met during their years of study at Les Roches Hotel & Management SchoolCrans-Montana, Switzerland, where they cultivated a passion for the hotel industry, gaining practical experience in Switzerland and Montecarlo.

Together they embarked on this adventure to which they dedicate themselves with passion and love, to make each customer’s stay unique.

“Being successful means doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way.”  Maria


“Our work is our life and our hotel is our home”  Matteo

The hotel

Built in 1870 at the behest of Alfred Nobel, famous Swedish scientist and inventor of dynamite, the Hotel Belsoggiorno was initially conceived to provide room and board to the coachmen of the carriages of the gentlemen guests of the numerous parties organized by Nobel himself in his enormous property, located in part east of Sanremo.

The Hotel Belsoggiorno immediately stood out for its position and, not having been created for profit, the service and cuisine made it incomparable compared to all the other hotels in the area, to the point that some coachmen, for the transfers of their masters on the Riviera dei Fiori didn’t even demand to be paid to be hosted in the now famous Belsoggiorno!

Alfred Nobel died in Sanremo on 10 December 1896. When his will was opened it was discovered that the scientist had established that his immense fortune would be used to create and finance five prizes which would soon become the most important in the world, the Nobel Prizes. As per the will, the Hotel Belsoggiorno was sold but with the clause still existing today that its name would always be “Hotel Belsoggiorno”.